Unrefined Coconut Oil(Food Grade)

We offer premium quality Unrefined Coconut Oil. As the name suggests, unrefined coconut oil is the crude coconut oil that has been obtained directly from the coconut and the oil extraction process. It is unrefined and without any additives. Sometimes, it is also called "pure coconut oil" to mark its difference from the refined, bleached, deodorised coconut oil, commonly called "refined coconut oil".

We do not use chemicals like sulphur & smoke to dry copra, but use modern copra dryer to dry copra with moisture content less than 5%. Our copra drying systems, expelling systems, processing area, storage area, and packing areas are maintained in extreme hygienic conditions. And we monitor in every stage of processing, the net result we will get with super quality coconut oil with good aroma and long shelf life. Our coconut oil is packaged with in a few hours of production. Our coconut oil is double filtered and no chemical solvent is used in processing, it is Non-GMO, and is free of preservatives and artificial ingredients with high percentage of Lauric Acid.