Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

We are the exporter of premium quality Virgin Coconut Oil. We obtain Virgin Coconut Oil through two different methods DME and Cold Pressed method.

DME process or Direct Micro Expelled process is a process in which Coconut is grated and this grated coconut is then put in a cool chamber to remove the moisture from it and then it is pressed to extract virgin coconut in this process HEAT is never used.

Whereas in Cold Pressed method the coconut is first grated and the grated coconut is then pressed to extract coconut milk, this coconut milk is then collected in air tight containers and kept for a whole day. The next day the container will have three different layers. The top layer (the curd) is removed manually and just beneath the first layer the virgin coconut oil is now deposited which is extracted with precision. This method is also called fermentation method.

There are numerous health benefits of using Virgin Coconut Oil as it is high in MCT and rich in Lauric Acid. These properties in the oil helps in reducing heart disease, cholesterol, diabetes and greatly enhances the immunity system.

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